ALR Post 14
Membership Information
ALR Post 14 Mission Statement

To band together motorcycle enthusiasts who are looking for a family oriented group to promote motorcycle safety, patriotic values, and support American Legion aims and community service.
Membership Requirements:
  • Members must hold a currrent membership and be in good standing in the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, or Sons of the American Legion.
  • Members must be the owner of a street legal motorcycle of at least 350 cc in engine displacement, or be a spouse of an ALR member in good standing.
  • Members must have a current motorcycle license and proper insurance coverage.
  • Membership may be retained if a member in good standing is no longer able to ride and/or maintain ownership of a motorcycle due to health or hardship. Each circumstance will be reviewed and decided upon by the Board of Directors of this organization.
Download a Post 14 Membership Application Here